Perry Carrison has been a part of my life, my team’s life and my company’s life for well over 12 years. I have never encountered someone that I so immediately trusted and knew that they would help me along my journey, wherever that might take me. Perry has shown me ways to understand myself, how I communicate and how I can use my strengths and knowledge to be the best I can.

Working with Perry has helped craft me and my team to be the envy of my entire company.


Brad Dancer
EVP, Global Data, Insights & Brand Standards
The Walt Disney Company

As I worked with him, I gained a deep awareness of my strengths and my emotional triggers and developed a stronger curiosity about other people’s perspectives, and taught me how to evaluate people and situations more objectively.

Perry always had a story or a line from a book that perfectly represented the topic we were discussing and had in it his powerful coaching message. I will never forget those he shared with me; they are my guide to understand and approach the most complex situations.

Rosa Notaroberto

Head, Business Operations, Global Oncology Business Unit, Takeda

My work with Perry has been truly transformational. Most importantly, Perry has helped me to find and trust my own voice, and to make sense of my own personal journey. I always feel that we get to “the heart of the matter” in our conversations, and the path ahead becomes clearer as a result.

Clarence Norment

President, Leadership Ascent

Ellen Sturgis
Night Heron Consulting

To call Perry a career coach is inadequate. At times, I refer to him as my work therapist, a mentor, a confidante. 

Through our work together, he has helped me gain perspective on my past—not just my work history, but my family and my volunteer work—as well as my overall impulses that have led to a variety of directions, often without my consciously deciding to change.

Together we have drawn on every part of my life to help me see my strengths and weaknesses, my impulses, my avoidances.

It might be overly dramatic to say Perry has saved my life. Yet, my experience working with him is that he gets me in a way no one ever has.

His ability to infuse mercy and grace into his expert support and gentle questioning has changed the way I move in the world. Perry never tells me what to do, never judges or condescends. Instead, he listens, reflects and inserts small gems of wisdom that are offered but not forced.

Jonathan Rosenthal

Interim Executive Director, The Cornucopia Institute

He is intelligent, close, able to communicate and he also possesses an exquisite sense of humor. I must say that he is a wonderful instructor, generous with his knowledge and sharing his experiences. He left a sound mark in Colombia.

María Reina Andrade

CEO, María Reina Consultores

To say I was “highly skeptical” that the Birkman Method and Perry Carrison would have a profound impact on my life would be an understatement.

To say that the Birkman Method and Perry Carrison have not had a profound impact on me and how I live my life every day, since being introduced to them both, would be an outright lie.

Mark Nagib
Pink Fox

Perry is intuitive and in-tune with who I am and where I am going as a human being and as a leader. He has helped me clarify my intentions, my purpose, and my highest point of contribution. I deeply enjoy our work together and am grateful to work with someone of such perspective, humility, wisdom, and grace.

Brad Hartman

Chief People Officer, FerGene

Perry Carrison is a first-rate professional adviser and personal consultant. I have found his thoughtful and creative suggestions, questions, and recommendations highly impactful both personally, and in connection with larger management and other issues. His thoughtful explorations have been invaluable.

Gar Alperovitz

Co-Founder and Principal, The Democracy Collaborative

…like sitting at the side of the lake and taking time to breathe, looking at my own reflection and reflections of the world.

Eric Wolf

Vice President, Technology Strategy & Management, PBS

I’m now a better listener, a better facilitator. He taught me simple practices in how you approach people.

Wendy Allen

Director, Systems & Workflow Management, NBCUniversal Media

[Perry showed me] it’s okay to be on a path that winds a bit. Perry will challenge you in a way you’re not prepared for.

Catherine Mitchell

Vice President, Video Product Development and Management, Cox Communications

With Perry, I discovered this notion of emotional intelligence and being aware. I’m now more in tune with it.

Steven Schiffman

CEO, High Growth Companies

The gifts [Perry] has given me or brought out in me, are ones you use for the rest of your life, whether in business or personal.

Gary Cassard

VP & General Manager, Bright House Networks

Perry has a very keen sense of getting under the hood. To get deeper than the profession.

Churchill Franklin

Chief Executive Officer, Acadian Asset Management

Clients include:

  • Acadian Asset Management
  • AARP
  • Analog Technologies
  • Certipath
  • Copper Rock Capital Management
  • Cox Enterprises, Inc.
  • Discovery Communications
  • Leadership Greater Washington
  • Marriott International
  • Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology
  • National Geographic Channel & Society
  • PBS
  • Takeda/Millennium Pharmaceuticals
  • The World Bank
  • UCLA Anderson School of Management, Executive Education Program

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