Executive Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leading seems to be everyone’s goal. Yet, as much as we hear about our colleagues wanting to lead, few do.


Leadership requires risk at a level that almost no one is prepared to take.


  • Leaders have to practice patience at an almost impossible level;
  • Leaders have to throw caution to the side and step away from everyone else at a moment’s notice;
  • And leaders must know when to do one…or the other. 

It’s life on a tightrope…alone.

Finding your inner capacity to lead is a daunting challenge. If that is your path, be smart: find an ally who can partner with you along the way. You need someone who has no stake in your choices, and who has spent his life dealing with the kinds of issues that you face. You need someone who you can say any and everything to you because you have to hear your truth out loud. 

I am that person for some. Only our face-to-face meeting will tell us if I can be that person for you.

Let’s meet and find out.

Let’s start with a conversation.

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