Executive Coaching

Shift Coaching

Significant shifts in life often come upon us the same way that a waterfall suddenly appears on a placid river. All is quiet…UNTIL IT’S NOT!

If you find yourself in that kind of shift, I can help by:


Reflecting with you on all of the shift-elements:

  • What’s actually happening?
  • Who/what is the catalyst or engine driving the shift?
  • How does it fit…or not fit…in your journey so far?
  • Who else is impacted?
  • What outcomes, other than the obvious, might you expect?

Thinking together about your response:

  • Are you required to respond?
  • To whom?
  • What response gives you the most breathing room?
  • What response is in alignment with what you want?
  • What mental/emotional stretches could you make that would make this shift feel better to you?

Looking at future impacts:

  • How do you see the shift now?
  • How has it brought you further towards important goals?
  • How does it shift your Vision?
  • Next steps?

Let’s start with a conversation.

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