Perry Carrison

Perry Carrison


Perry Carrison has been a seeker since his late teens. He knew there was something other than the day-to-day world that called him; so he looked for it. From gurus to religions to arcane practices he searched for the peace that finding God, satguru, atman, Knowledge would bring.

What he’s found so far is this: it’s the search that’s most important. Searching says, “I don’t know. I yearn to know. Can you help me?”

Asking for help creates openings that invite insight and guidance into our minds. Sometimes, help assures us that we are safe and can trust our next steps. Sometimes, help pushes us to claim a truth we’ve buried to make life easier. Often, accepting help connects us to others in ways that changes the quality of our life.

No one has the goods on life. We all search together. It’s the going-together—accompanying one another—that makes us feel whole.

Let’s start with a conversation.

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